Why Rainbow

15 Years of Excellent Service.

The core principle that was set when Rainbow Enterprise was found, is to deliver excellence in service. Ask any of our long-term clientele and they will vouch for the what we have provided over the years. It is this core principle that has ensured Rainbow Enterprise's steadfast growth. In today's business world everything is moving faster than ever imagined and time is money. We value your time.

Quality Products.

Cars are probably the second biggest investment in an average person's life. Thus it is in our best interest to source, purchase and deliver the best cars in every aspect according to the requirements of our clientele globally. The entire workforce of Rainbow Enterprise is dedicated to this common business cause and the consistency in our products keeps importers worldwide satisfied.

Ready to Ship.

To further expedite the delivery of quality Japanese vehicles worldwide we have also invested into a warehouse and pre-delivery inspection facility which means that our cars are ready to ship the moment they have been sold.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship.

We are known to go beyond just selling the cars to importers globally, Rainbow Enterprise is also ready to aid importers in terms of marketing the vehicles locally. This is based on our experience in dealing with various markets internationally.